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Complete guide on how to study in Georgia (Country), Europe.

Complete guide on How to study in Georgia (Country), Europe.

Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus region of Europe. It is known for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and welcoming people. It has a rapidly developing economy and is increasingly becoming a popular destination for international students. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about studying in universities in Georgia, including the education system, popular study programs, cost of living, and how to prepare for your studies in this beautiful country.


The Education System in Georgia

The education system in Georgia is divided into three levels: primary, secondary, and higher education. Universities and institutes offering undergraduate and graduate programs provide higher education in Georgia. Higher education is not free, but tuition costs are relatively low compared to other European countries. We’ll focus on higher education.

There are several types of higher education institutions in Georgia, including:

  • Universities: These offer various undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple disciplines.
  • Institutes: These offer specialized programs in a particular field, such as technology, agriculture, or business.
  • Vocational schools offer practical training and skills development in a specific trade or profession.

Popular Study Programs in Georgia

Georgia has a strong tradition in engineering, technology, and natural sciences, and these are popular areas of study for international students. Other popular fields include business, economics, and international relations.

Many universities in Georgia offer programs taught in English, making it easier for international students to study in the country. Here are some specific study programs that are popular among international students in Georgia:

  • Computer science: Georgia has a strong reputation in computer science and is home to many universities that offer high-quality programs in this field.
  • Business and economics: Georgia’s growing economy and business-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for students interested in studying business and economics.
  • International relations: Georgia’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it an ideal place to study international relations, with many universities offering programs in this field.
  • Medicine: Georgia has several universities that offer programs in medicine and healthcare, including renowned medical schools in Tbilisi.

Georgia’s other popular fields of study include engineering, agriculture, and the natural sciences.

Cost of Living in Georgia

Georgia is known for its affordable cost of living, which is significantly lower than in other European countries. The cost of housing, food, and transportation is generally lower in Georgia, which makes it an attractive destination for international students.

The cost of living will depend on your lifestyle and where you choose to live in Georgia. If you live in a major city like Tbilisi, the cost of living will be slightly higher than in smaller cities or rural areas. Here is a breakdown of some average costs in Georgia:

  • Accommodation: A one-bedroom apartment in Tbilisi now costs around $300-500 per month, while a three-bedroom apartment costs around $500-800 per month. Prices will be lower in smaller cities and rural areas. The three-bedroom apartment is an excellent opportunity for three students to share the bedrooms and save costs.
  • Food: Groceries in Georgia are generally affordable, with the average meal cost in a restaurant ranging from $5-20.
  • Transportation: Public transportation in Georgia is relatively affordable, with a single bus or metro (underground train ride) ride costing around $0.50.
  • Entertainment: Entertainment costs in Georgia are also affordable, with movie tickets costing around $5 and a visit to a museum or cultural site costing around $5-10.

Preparing for Your Studies in Georgia

If you’re planning to study in Georgia, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for your studies:

  • Research your study program and university: Make sure you have a clear understanding of your study program and the university you will be attending. Research the academic requirements, course offerings, and any other relevant information. See the full list of available programs here
  • Secure Admission: The first thing to do is to get enrolled, you can easily begin the admission process here on ApplytoGeorgia.
  • Obtain a student visa: International students need a student visa to study in Georgia. You can apply for a student visa through the Georgian embassy or consulate in your home country. ApplytoGeorgia will help you secure your study visa which will make your arrival in Georgia much more stress-free.
  • Find accommodation: You will need to arrange for your accommodation while studying in Georgia. There are several options available, including student dormitories (Please note that student dormitories are limited), homestays, and private apartments (this is the most popular option). At ApplytoGeorgia you can easily find and reserve accommodation before arriving in Georgia. We’ll pick you up from the airport straight to your reserved apartment.
  • Health insurance: It’s important to have health insurance while studying in Georgia. You can either purchase insurance in your home country or purchase a policy once you arrive in Georgia, some Universities like the University of Georgia provide free health Insurance for their International students.
  • Learn some Georgian: This is not important because all the programs on ApplytoGeorgia are taught in English, but it is cool to learn some basic Georgian phrases to make your experience in Georgia more enjoyable. We can start right here, Gamarjoba in Georgia language simply means “hello” in the English language.
  • Budget for your studies: Make a budget for your studies in Georgia to ensure that you have enough money to cover your living expenses and tuition fees.

Choosing a University in Georgia

Georgia has a number of universities that are popular among international students, including:

  • University of Georgia: the University of Georgia is a top-tier university with an excellent reputation for its commitment to academic excellence. The University of Georgia offers a variety of schools (faculties) for International students to choose from, The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, The Faculty of, Engineering, and Mathematics, The Faculty of Health Sciences and Public Health, and The Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management
  • Caucasus University: Caucasus University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including business, engineering, law, and the humanities.
  • International Black Sea University: IBSU offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including business, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. It is known for its strong focus on internationalization and has partnerships with universities around the world

It’s important to research the universities in Georgia and their programs to find the best fit for your interests and goals. Look for universities that have a strong reputation and offer programs in your field of study. Also, consider the cost of tuition.

Applying to Universities in Georgia

The application process for universities in Georgia varies depending on the institution and the program you are applying to, but you will enjoy a streamlined application process on ApplytoGeorgia which will save you from the hassles that come with getting enrolled. Here are some general steps to follow when applying to universities in Georgia:

  • Research your options: Identify the universities and programs that align with your interests and goals.
  • Check the admission requirements: Each university and program has its own admission requirements, so it’s important to check the specific requirements for the program you are applying to. A video interview is also required.
  • Gather the necessary documents: You will need to submit a range of documents with your application. In general, the basic requirements are; International Passport, school certificates, and a Passport photograph.
  • Start your application: You can submit your application online via our platform (ApplytoGeorgia), make sure you start the application before the deadline for the current batch to avoid delays.
  • Wait for enrollment: Once you have submitted your application to our platform, you will need to go through a series of stages, This can take several weeks, usually around 4 – 7 weeks, depending on the institution you’ve chosen. We will be there to guide you along the way.
  • The university will send you an acceptance letter and you will be able to access it via your Admission dashboard on ApplytoGeorgia, We will then provide you with information on the next steps, such as how to apply for a student visa and arrange your accommodation.

In Conclusion

Georgia is an excellent destination for international students looking to study in Europe. With its rich culture, affordable cost of living, and high-quality education system, Georgia is an ideal place to further your studies. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to prepare for your studies in Georgia. Good luck with your studies in this beautiful country!

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