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Caucasus University

Motto: Studium Pretium Libertatis
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The slogan of the University is Studium Pretium Libertatis” which means knowledge is the guarantee of freedom. In 2004, Caucasus University which is a private university was established in Tbilisi, Georgia (Country), Europe. The University started out as an extension of the Caucasus School for Business back in 1988 which was in partnership with Georgia State University in the United States of America.

The Caucasus University has evolved since it was first established in 2004, and now stands as one of the most prestigious educational institutions not only within Georgia but also throughout all countries that neighbor this region.

The Caucasus University is the perfect place for you to gain knowledge and experience. The school has eight different divisions, each with its own set of Programs available, which are;

  • School of Technology
  • School of Governance
  • School of Social sciences
  • School of Healthcare
  • School of Law
  • School of Business
  • School of Tourism

Admission Process

To enter the programs at the Caucasus University, international students must have completed general education abroad. They can be admitted according to the Order No.224/N of the Ministry of Education and Science Georgia with the necessary application form and documents submitted on the ApplytoGeorgia website. You will be able to successfully get enrolled in Caucasus University through ApplytoGeorgia LLC.

In addition to its academic programs, Caucasus University also offers a range of extracurricular activities and student services, including sports, cultural events, and career counseling. The university has a modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and computer labs.

  • International Passport
  • Secondary school certificate
  • Passport Photograph
  • Video Interview.
  • Sign up on ApplytoGeorgia, Select the desired University during registration.
  • Sign the Agreement form
  • Submit the Required Documents
  • Schedule the video Interview
  • Wait for the Offer Letter from the University (1 – 5 days)
  • ApplytoGeorgia LLC will submit your documents to the Ministry of Education.
  • Wait for Recognition Letter from the Ministry of Education
  • ApplytoGeorgia LLC will submit your recognition letter to the University.
  • Get the Admission Letter via your ApplytoGeorgia account (1 – 4 Weeks)

It is possible to Transfer from your current University, Make sure to mark ‘Transfer” while signing up on ApplytoGeorgia website

List of Bachelor's Program at Caucasus University

Programs Tuition Fee Duration
Business Administration (Specialising in Finance,Management, and Accounting Marketing) $5000 4 years
International Relations $5000 4 years
Informatics $5000 4 years
Psychology $5000 4 years
Sociology $5000 4 years
Economics $5000 4 years
Tourism $5000 4 years
Medicine $6000 6 years
Hospitality Management with Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA $7000 4 years
Cyber Security with New Jersey City University, USA $7000 4 years
Business Administration with Rennes School of Business, France $8000 4 years

List of Master's Program at Caucasus University

Programs Tuition Fee Duration
Business Administration (MBA) (Specialization in Finance, Management, and Marketing) $5000 2 years
Information Technology Management $5000 2 years
Executive MBA program with Grenoble Ecole De Management, France $5000 2 years
Joint Master’s Degree program in Digital Logistics Management with TH Wildau, Germany $5000 2 years
Programs Tuition Fee Duration
Management $5000 3 years
Economics $5000 3 years

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