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Visa Process (Step by Step)

Pay part payment of tuition fee

After being admitted, students are typically required to pay a partial tuition fee directly to the university. Once the university confirms the tuition fee, ApplytoGeorgia will proceed with the visa process

Get the required Visa documents

To obtain a Georgian study visa, students will need to provide the necessary visa documents as listed here. These documents must be scanned and sent to ApplytoGeorgia.

Application Method

There are currently three methods to obtain a Georgian study visa:

I. Video Interview: The student will have a video interview with the Consular and the visa will be issued within 10 days.

Ii. Postal service: The student will send the required documents via postal service (DHL) to the embassy and the visa will also be issued within 10 days of receipt of the documents.

Iii. Physical Submission: The student will be required to submit documents physically at the Georgian embassy, the visa will also be stamped on the student’s passport.

With ApplytoGeorgia, you can be confident that your visa application will be successful, regardless of the method of application.

**Certain countries are exempt from requiring a visa to enter Georgia, please check your admission dashboard or contact us to find out if a visa is necessary for your country of residence

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