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Recognition Letter

In order to have the academic credentials that you have earned recognized in Georgia, you will need to obtain a Recognition letter from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE).

The recognition letter is a formal document issued by the NCEQE confirming that your foreign academic credentials meet the standards and requirements. It typically includes information such as the program of study, the courses or credits that have been recognized, and any additional requirements that may need to be met.

In order to be eligible for a recognition letter, you must first receive an offer letter and, if applicable, a placement letter (In the case of the University of Georgia). You must also have paid the admission fee. Once you have completed these steps, We will submit your credentials to the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in Georgia for review. If your credentials meet their standards and requirements, the institution will issue a recognition letter.

Upon completion of the review process and issuance of your recognition letter, you will receive a notification to download a copy of the letter through your admission dashboard. It is important to obtain the recognition letter as it is a requirement for receiving the admission letter.

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