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Passport Photograph Guideline for Georgia Study Visa and Admission

The passport photograph is an important document required as part of the admission process to study In Georgia. We also use this photograph for your visa application to obtain a D3 Study Visa. You will be required to upload a standard passport photograph as soon as you’ve submitted your Admission form.

To avoid future issues with your process, here are some general guidelines you should follow while uploading a passport photograph on your admission portal:

  1. The photograph should be a recent, clear, and recognizable head and shoulder shot of the applicant.
  2. The photograph should be taken against a plain, light-colored background.
  3. The photograph should be in color and taken in good lighting conditions.
  4. The applicant should face the camera directly, with a neutral expression, and both eyes open.
  5. The photograph should be free from shadows and glare.
  6. The applicant’s head should be centered in the frame, with enough space around the head and shoulders to allow for proper cropping.
  7. Do not upload copied or digitally scanned photos of official documents.
  8. Do not upload snapshots, Magazine photos, low-resolution vending machine photos, mobile device photos, or full-lengimagestos.
  9. You may only wear a hat or head covering if you wear it daily for religious purposes. Your full face must be visible, and your head covering cannot obscure your hairline or cast shadows on your face.

Please note that any photo that does not follow these guidelines will eventually be rejected.

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