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Airport pickup

As an international student traveling to a new country for the first time, arriving at the airport can be a daunting experience. There may be language barriers, unfamiliar customs and regulations, and a lack of knowledge about how to get to your final destination. That’s where ApplytoGeorgia can be extremely helpful.

One of the services we offer is airport pickup. This involves arranging for one of our representatives to meet the student at the airport upon their arrival and provide assistance with baggage. The representative will typically have a sign with the student’s name on it, so they are easy to spot in the crowd.

Once the student has retrieved their baggage, the representative will help them navigate through customs and any other necessary procedures. They will also provide information about local customs and regulations, as well as assist with currency exchange if needed.

The representative will then transport the student to their accommodation using a private vehicle provided by ApplytoGeorgia, depending on the preferences of the student and the package selected,  We also offer additional services such as a tour of the city or a welcome package with useful information and resources for Students who select Expedited or Premium.

Overall, airport pickup is a valuable service for international students as it helps alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that can come with traveling to a new country. By arranging for a representative to meet the student at the airport and provide assistance with baggage and other logistics, ApplytoGeorgia helps make the transition to studying in Georgia as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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