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Admission video interview guide

As per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, it is mandatory for us to conduct a video interview with the applicant.


  1. The video interview will be conducted on the Zoom video conferencing app. You must have a Zoom account registered with your full name. You will not be allowed to join the Zoom meeting without proper identification.
  2. Please ensure that you have a computer or smartphone with a high-quality camera and microphone and a good internet connection.
  3. You must be online for the interview 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  4. Make sure you are in a calm, quiet environment where we can hear you clearly and a well-lit area where we can see you clearly.
  5. During the interview, you must conduct yourself professionally and only respond to questions in English.
  6. You can manage the interview through your admission dashboard, you also have the option to cancel or reschedule it up to 2 hours before the scheduled time. However, if it is less than 2 hours until the interview, you will not be able to cancel it.

If you have any questions, send a mail to help@applytogeorgia.com

Prepare yourself for the following questions.

  • What are your full name and passport number?

Hint: Ensure that your name and passport number are spoken clearly and can be easily written down by the listener.

  • Please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what your family background and your previous studies are.

Hint: Provide a short introduction of your previous studies, including the fields of study and institutions attended. If possible, also include information about your family background, business, and country of residence to give the listener a better understanding of your background and environment.

  • Please indicate why you have chosen Georgia.

Hint: Explain the advantages of living in Georgia, including factors such as the cost of living, the security of the country, and the culture of this peaceful and historical country. Also, discuss how you learned about Georgia and if you conducted any online research or not.

  • What do you know, or how did you hear about the University? Please explain why you have chosen this University

Hint: Explain what you have heard about this university and how you learned about it, and how the criteria you used to search for a university align with your expectations.”

  • Please indicate what you want to study and tell us why?

Hint: Explain why you want to study this specific program and your plans for the future.

  • What do you know about the future of this field you want to study (For example, Nursing or BBA)?

Hint: Explain what you hope to do after completing your studies so that the listener can understand that you are taking responsibility for the path you are choosing for your future

  • Where do you plan to work after finishing your studies? Why? How will you do it there? Do you have any plans?

Hint: Please explain that you are responsible for building a future career in the country where you will live and how you plan to achieve that position. This will help the listener understand that you are taking responsibility for the career path you are choosing for your future.

  • Please request Officially from the University authorities for registration at University and any other explanation.

Hint: For example “I, the applicant, hereby formally request to be registered and enrolled as a student in the field of (insert a specific field, such as nursing or dentistry) at the university. I hope to be accepted and will do my best to build a bright future and contribute to a better world.”

If your video interview is successful, you should expect to receive an offer letter from the university within a few days. Good luck!

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